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WOW, I haven't updated my LJ in ages. So I thought I could atleast post a little update.

1. I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus this week.

I found it weird and great at the same time. But it was worth watching for Heath Ledger! Gosh I miss him so much! :( His acting is jus PERFECT! ♥
I also loved Johnny Deep, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. Tehe, Tony is awesome. ♥
Here's a little picspam of one of my fav scene.

2. I was so bored yesterday, so I jus watched the Korean Movie Seducing Mr. Perfect, cuz it sounded funny and I LOVE DANIEL HENNEY! (who doesn't?)

I FREAKIN loved this movie. 1st of all Mr Henney looked smoking hawt. And I loved his chemistry with the girl. They were so so cute.
Hehe I also pic-spammed 2 of my fav scenes. ♥

Her thoughts: If pysical warfare is ineffetive, turn to psychological warfare.
(he opens the door, half naked)
Her: Hi.
Him: Why are you here?
(she looks at him up and down, *who wouldn't?*)
Her: Well I........I need to talk to you.
Him: This couldn't wait until tomorrow?

Him: Are you okay?
Her: You wanna kiss me now, don't you?  But I am never going to kiss you. Why not? Because you're so dry.
You know, you so dry. And on top of that you're a playboy. A playboy...
Him: You okay?
(she kisses him.)

3. I freaking miss VD! :( I need my weekly Damon, and weekly DE! :( ♥ I can't wait for it to come back. I wanna see promoss. like now!

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