drop it like it's hot

WOW, I haven't updated my LJ in ages. So I thought I could atleast post a little update.

1. I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus this week.

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2. I was so bored yesterday, so I jus watched the Korean Movie Seducing Mr. Perfect, cuz it sounded funny and I LOVE DANIEL HENNEY! (who doesn't?)

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i just wanna be okay

1. The World Cup has started, and I've watched every game until now. Germany won today 4:0! (OMG!)
I'm disapointed with France and England! -.-
2. I watched the pilot of Pretty Little Liars,(the new show airing on abc) and it was pretty good.
Me loved it! I love the actresses. SO. GORGEOUS. I will for sure continue watching it! 

3. Day 25 - A show you plan on watching
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tell me something good

1. Yes I just watched Glee, and I freaking loved it. Puck is so sexay, my god.
I loved loved all the songs, and I'm so happy that Quinn finally got a song aswell!
I love her voice so much, she looked freaking gorgeous. ♥

2. I missed out many days of my meme, lame lame, I know. Haha.
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